EnDev Bolivia: Objectives and strategies

EnDev Bolivia: Objective and strategies

Since 2005, when the programme began, EnDev’s objective has been to increase the amount of people with access to modern energy sources, through continuous and coordinated interventions aimed to satisfy their basic needs in a sustainable manner.

EnDev works nationwide in the country’s nine departments, targeting households, social infrastructure (health and education units) and productive units in rural and peri-urban areas. It fosters not only the expansion of the number of homes with access to electricity, but also the development of markets for Photovoltaic Systems at the rural level, and the access of productive units to modern energy and technology so they can improve their work processes. It also strives to strengthen 

the energy sector in issues related to energy efficiency for households as well as exchanges regarding Smart Prepaid Metering Systems. EnDev Bolivia works in alliance with a diversity of public and private actors, different government levels, technology providers, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and communities throughout the country. The strategies are defined according to the needs of the rural population, considering each region’s characteristics, cultural diversity and social demands, and they include a gender approach in all activities.

EnDev Bolivia has developed an institutional network with the national, departmental and local governments, in various public programmes and projects; also with the private sector (SMEs and productive organizations, technology providers, banks and financial institutions, as well as electricity companies and cooperatives); and with the development cooperation organizations (NGOs and foundations specialising in different areas). All these institutions are related to the agricultural sector and food security. The network also includes academic institutions, such as universities and research centres.

This dense network contributes to the democratization of the issue of modern energy technologies in the Bolivian rural areas.

Currently, EnDev Bolivia focuses its objectives on rural and peri-urban areas in the following components:

  • Grid densification
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Energy and productive uses
  • Support for new technologies for smart metering and prepayments
  • Energy efficiency in households

To ensure equitable development results when implementing its technologies and practices in the energy sector, the project takes gender needs and differences into consideration.

Due to the role women play in the Bolivian context, there is a difference both in 

the need and use of energy in regards to men, as in their access to it. Women usually have a more limited access to modern energy sources, even though they are the ones primarily using the energy services.

EnDev considers women as change agents and as a fundamental part in the implementation of the project’s actions. It aims to create spaces where they can freely participate in the sector and in the diverse family, social, political, economic and academic structures.

The project’s approach regarding access to energy and modern technology is inclusive and therefore prioritizes and furthers women’s participation throughout all its activities.

EnDev Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs to which EnDev contributes.

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