Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

As part of the global EnDev programme, funded by several donor countries, EnDev Bolivia developed an innovative Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) system. The system provides donors, partners and counterparts with realistic and reliable data regarding interventions and project activity progress. Its results are presented with transparency and can be consulted instantly online, at the monitoring portal.

The M&E activities are applied in the following areas: project coordination, technical implementation and administration. The results-based management allows for decisions to be made using concrete information and efficient timing, and that the decisions be made as a team. 

Monitoring System

EnDev's monitoring system focuses on results, impacts and sustainability. It is based on the principles of reliability and verifiability: its methodology allows the results to be verified both through documents and physically on-site. For this purpose and following global guidelines, EnDev Bolivia has developed robust and reliable tools and methodologies for monitoring the technical and the budgetary implementation.


This online platform was originally used by Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mozambique. Currently, Bolivia is the only country in Latin America where EnDev is still operating. SIMENDEV allows for information to be exchanged regarding: beneficiaries (always guaranteeing anonymity), intervention areas, technologies used and types of infrastructure developed.

Budget Tracking Tool

It allows carrying out the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual monitoring of fixed and variable costs, in order to compare the planned and the executed budget. This tool combines the administrative and technical areas.

Wiki – Energypedia

A platform for direct interaction aimed to promote the collaborative construction, exchange and dissemination of information on energy topics in a transparent and accessible form. In Bolivia, the platform is also used for project coordination, organization of activities, knowledge management and the exchange of lessons learnt.

EnDev Survey

This is a programme used to create digital surveys that ensure the collection of data in a secure and swift manner. This tool is used for baseline and technical studies, as well as the stove evaluation protocols, such as the Kitchen Performance Test (KPT).

Capacity Building for Local Partners

EnDev Bolivia supports capacity building processes for its local partners. As part of this, it has begun to adapt and share its M&E methodologies with its local partners, with the aim of providing reliable tools for the technical monitoring of their activities.

The Fund for Sustainable Access to Renewable Energy and Efficient Technologies (FASERTe), which is financed by EnDev and implemented by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA - Bolivia), is one of the partners that are adopting the M&E methodology.

Since 2020, another relevant partner is the international organization Practical Action, with whom EnDev is sharing M&E tools and methodologies.