Gender Strategy

Gender Strategy

EnDev acknowledges that gender roles allocate different tasks and responsibilities to men and women which, in turn, imply differentiated needs, including energy needs. Women’s energy needs can be categorized in three main groups: Practical needs (reproductive, care and household work), Productive needs (income generation and increase, productivity increase), and Strategic needs (economic, social, political empowerment, improving women’s position in the household, the community and the society).

Since 2016, EnDev is carrying out activities that are built, organized and informed by a gender-based approach, which seek to actively involve women in EnDev’s different technical areas of action to better support the satisfaction of their different energy needs.

EnDev is implementing a concrete and measurable Gender Strategy in its areas of incidence:

  • Strengthening rural women’s economic-productive skills and capabilities. (Productive needs)
  • Sustained and permanent support in combating violence against women. (Strategic needs)
  • Technical training processes support the transformation of labor roles traditionally assigned to women. This includes: (a) empowerment and leadership skills. (b) finance facilitation. (c) strengthening of business skills. (Productive and Strategic needs)
  • Advocacy within counterparts and allied institutions for positioning the issue of gender and raising awareness. (Strategic needs)

Energy access in itself seeks to support the satisfaction of Practical needs and can be considered the gateway for satisfying the other types of energy needs.

Gender Indicators