Guides and Manuals

Energy Efficiency and Saving Guide for the Rural Area of Bolivia

This guide is a practical reference tool for the staff of electricity distribution companies and the general public. It aims to promote basic energy efficiency practices in households. 

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Vicente Efficient Oven Construction, Use and Maintenance Guide

EnDev presents the "Vicente Efficient Oven Construction, Use and Maintenance Guide" with the aim of sharing the experience and knowledge developed by our team over 14 years.

In this way, to reinforce the capacities, skills and practices of the actors interested in the construction of this technology. This is a practical reference document for technicians, families and people interested in the construction of this improved artisanal oven.

We hope that this contribution will be useful for more users to have the opportunity to cook in their own Vicente Oven.

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Quick guide for the construction of a Malena cookstove

The "Quick guide to the construction of Malena cookers" aims to share the experience and the matured knowledge of the EnDev team in order to reinforce the technical skills of the actors interested in the construction of this technology. Compared to the previous versions of the Malena Kitchen Construction Manual, this guide is more didactic and aims to facilitate the learning of installers in the field

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Guide for Municipal Management in Procurement and Purchasing in Municipal Governments: The Malena Improved Cookstoves Case (2019)

This document is the result of the consultancy carried out by a specialist as a guide that aims to provide information to guide Municipal Governments in the implementation of acquisitions or purchases related to energy issues, as well as the orientation of procurement processes in Autonomous Municipal Governments, in the framework of the D.S. Nº 0181 Basic Standards of the System of Administration of Goods and Services- SABS, its amendments D.S. 956 and D.S. 1497, and other current regulations, in order to promote and streamline procurement to opt for modern energy services.

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Guidelines for operation, maintenance and good use of pumped water supply systems.

This document from the EnDev Bolivia Project serves as a guide for communities where a pumped water supply system exists and those that are in the planning and construction phase.

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