New Technologies for Smart Prepaid Metering Systems - Energy Efficiency in Households

New Technologies for Smart Prepaid Metering Systems - Energy Efficiency in Households

EnDev Bolivia provides advisory processes and technical assistance, furthers institutional strengthening and helps generate information exchange on new energy technologies (prepaid metering systems and energy efficiency).

The project also promotes the correct use of electricity in rural and peri-urban homes, in addition to strengthening its partners in the electricity sector (rural electricity distributors and cooperatives) through knowledge and information exchange on energy efficiency issues in rural homes.

Smart Prepaid Metering Systems

The Smart Metering System or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a system that measures, collects and analyses energy use. It communicates with the meters and enables a two-way communication to transmit information for tracking and billing purposes.

A prepaid electricity system consists in that the customer must pay in advance for the amount of electricity that s/he will consume. By buying a card with a certain value that corresponds to the amount of kilowatts/hour to be consumed and then loading this information into the electronic meter installed at home, the customer can consume electricity until the credit runs out.

To disseminate information on this new technology, EnDev coordinates with its partners from the energy sector, technology providers and the national government to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences at the national and international level, as well as enhancing connections and technical advice between experts.

Household Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in households refers to sustainable energy management practices that derive in many benefits. The implementation of these actions in the domestic sphere is essential for the family economy and also aimed at mitigating negative impacts on the environment.

Together with its partners in the energy sector, EnDev offers information, dissemination and awareness campaigns on this subject matter, technical assistance and advisory, along with training courses for electricity companies interested in conducting pilot campaigns on key practices for energy efficiency and saving.